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The beginning stage of breastfeeding is always relevant and sometimes unreasonably fearful of mothers. Mothers, relax ;) Listen to a pediatrician, read information about breastfeeding online - need a live conversation? Call Marmaluzi - we will definitely advise when, with whom and how to start the first bites. It is usually recommended to sell the feed from mono vegetables, including vegetable duos or quartets after a few weeks. Marmaluzi offers vegetable purees for a great start, from which the start of the baby will be smooth and playful: zucchini, carrot, broccoli, squash, cauliflower, squash with broccoli, three-vegetable puree and vegetables with parsnips. Vegetable purees are enriched with a drop of pure rapeseed oil to better absorb nutrients and vitamins. A set of 8 products of 2 pieces, so that this happy stage for the mother would be smooth, without much worry, how to cook 2-5 teaspoons of vegetable porridge 1-2 times :)
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