Poured porridge - grits

Natural corn and oat grits with chia seeds and blackcurrant from 12 month, 360 g

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Playful grits invites children to immerse themselves in their world, discover taste games and new experiences. The charms and games of cosmic care will interest every little child to try to eat on their own and with an appetite. The chia seeds in the grits enrich the porridge with fiber, and the black currant not only gives the porridge an exclusive color, but also a flavor with all its richness to supplement the baby's nutrition. The recipe for the porridge is created especially for young children - the balance of color, taste and health. Grits are made according to a refined, unique technology, they are formed into a unique shape, which accommodates all the ingredients in proportions. Cooked grits remain grits that are suitable for small child nutrition, reflexive chewing.

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corn flour 61.54%, oat flour 20.51%, chia seeds 10.26%, raisins, freeze-dried blackcurrant powder 2.56%. May contain traces of gluten.

Users manual:

Preparation for 3 different type of porridge: Super creamy. 45g. gits (7-8 Tbs) + 130 ml water. Smooth. 45g. grits (7-8 Tbs) + 110 ml water. Thicker. 45g. grits (7-8 v.š.) + 100 ml water. Preparation: pour 45 g (about 5-6 tablespoons) of grits into a bowl, add 100-130 ml of boiling water, cover the bowl and wait for 8-7 minutes until the grits soak up the water. You can cook the grits in a pot: boil them for 5-7 minutes while mixing, turn off the cooker, cover the pot with the porridge and wait 3-4 more minutes. You can add mother's milk, as well as pasteurized goat or cow milk into the porridge. Attention! Carefully read and follow the instructions for preparing porridge. Do not leave the remaining porridge for the next meal.

Storage conditions:

Store in a dry and cool place.


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Energy and nutritive value 100 g: 1713 kJ/406 kcal, fat 7g, of which saturated fatty acids 0.8g, carbohydrates 70.3g, of which: sugars 4.2g, fibre 11.7g, protein 9.7g, salt 0.1g. The salt content depends only on natural sodium in it.

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