Mash with meat/ fish


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We prepare this stew using beef ham from Lithuanian farms. This stew won the Product of the Year gold medal in 2011.

And today, the composition of the stew consists only of organic vegetables and meat, which came directly from Lithuanian farms and gardens...

Let the children taste and enjoy sustainable and balanced food.

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organic potato 33%, water, organic CARROT 19%, organic cabbage 1%, organic beef ham 12%, organic rape oil, organic dill, organic parsley.

Users manual:

Put the required amount of product in a bowl and heat it in a water bath or microwave oven. The puree does not need to be boiled. After heating the food, stir it well and check the temperature carefully. Make sure the food is not too hot. Do not reheat! It can also be used unheated.

Storage conditions:

Avoid direct sunlight. Once opened, the product may be stored in the refrigerator for a maximum of 24 hours. Storage temperature: 5 ° C to 25 ° C.


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Energy and nutritional value 100 g: 290 kJ/69 kcal, fat 1.4 g, of which: saturated fatty acids 0.5 g, carbohydrates 10 g, of which: sugar 1.1 g, starch 5.6 g, fiber 1.1 g, protein 3.5g, salt* 0.09g. *The amount of salt is determined only by the sodium naturally present in it. The nutritional value may vary slightly due to variations in the nutrient content of the natural raw materials.Energy and nutritive value 100 g: 290 kJ/69 kcal, fat 1.4g, of which: saturated fatty acids 0.5g, carbohydrates 10g, of which: sugars 1.1g, starch 5.6g, fibre 1.1g, protein 3.5g, salt 0.09g. The salt content depends only on natural sodium in it.

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    *Gluten free; *Lactose free; *No added sugar *No preservatives;