Marmaluzi RECIPE book for the whole family

VAT included

November 19 The presentation of #Marmaluzi and the recipe book of Viktoria, the author of the blog Gaminame y ezamiza, took place at the Marmaluzi children's food studio.

We are happy to have such a well-groomed, long-matured project result.

In the recipe book for the whole family, you will find recipes that we pampered you with during the whole semester by inviting guests. And the much-awaited waffle recipe is also here...

We can already see that this can be a great Christmas gift for your friend, mother, sister or even mother-in-law.

The uniqueness of the recipes in this book is that they are made with a few spoonfuls left over from baby and small children's food, which will be reborn with a new taste and are suitable for the whole family :)

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