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This scarf is made of cotton and absorbs moisture perfectly. It will not only be a beautiful accessory, but will also absorb excess saliva, replace the bib and protective clothing (when a child is salivating too much, the scarf is easier to change than a blouse).

If your baby has started salivating profusely, his teeth are probably sprouting or will start sprouting soon. Sometimes the first teeth erode very early - three months, and sometimes appear late - even twelve months, but most often the first white pearl teeth germinate in four- to seven-month-old babies. A month or even two before the first teeth appear, the baby may start salivating heavily. If the smaller baby is salivating profusely and there are no other disturbing symptoms, there is no need to worry. The baby develops fully, so his salivary glands also improve. They start to "work" especially intensively, and are also "encouraged" by putting fingers in their mouths, frequent breastfeeding, and the use of a pacifier. Saliva contains enzymes and other bactericidal substances, so they are also a disinfectant. At this time, it is useful to have more than one scarf.

Perfect for use during tooth germination. The scarf has an adjustable clasp that allows you to shorten or lengthen the length, so it can be used for both baby and older child. In colder weather, it can also replace a scarf or sleeve, providing excellent protection for the neck from wind or cold.

• The scarf is made of soft knitwear with a composition of 95% cotton and 5% elastane.

• Easy to close with two presses with adjustable size.

• Double layer

The fabrics used in the production are certified. All materials are certified by OEko-Tex Standart 100

Like other Simo baby products, scarves are made in Lithuania, paying attention to the smallest details, with great love and care.

Available in a variety of colors. when ordering comments, write or call.

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