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SIP SAP PRESENT PACK - Limited edition with new healthy benefits!

An exclusive and great gift for a family, colleague, neighbor!

A gift of nature from SIP SAP – natural birch water that we harvest each spring, with love and attention. For centuries birch trees have symbolised tranquillity - it was even believed that putting a hand on its black and white trunk gives you positive thoughts and helps you find harmony of the soul.  

The set consists of 5 SIP SAP products:

 1. Organic birch sap with CRANBERRIES, PROPOLIU AND GINGER created for the first quarantine obvious, looking for natural remedies for enhancement and protected immunity. The juice is enriched with cranberries, a little ginger, honey and gold collected in the bits - propolis.

 2. Organic birch sap with ECHINACEA, also created for the first quarantine obvious, seeking natural remedies for enhancers and protected immunities. The juice is enriched with valuable echinacea, widely used in natural medicine.

 3. Organic SPARCLING birch sap with mint, fun bubbles bursting with the energy of spring and fresh mint;

 4. Organic SPARCLING birch juice with rhubarb, newly reborn rhubarb with fun bubbles dancing to the rhythm of spring energy.

 5. Organic birch sap with LIME and GINGER, when the first snowflakes and the coming frosts fall, let us turn on the spring energy drive and depend on the benefits provided by ginger and sap.

 2 birch coasters for hot winter tea

Nature is generous but sometimes after its darkest days and heaviest storms we are left with such aftereffects as uprooted, cracked yet healthy young trees. These birch trees that did not survive the winds have been found and revived for a second life. Use these birch wood coasters created by local Lithuanian craftsmen for your cosy winter rituals at home, enjoying all these healthy flavours of SIP SAP. 

Fill your immune system with the energy from nature itself! 

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Enjoy cold! Possible natural sediment. Shake well before use.


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