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Baby's Checkup set

Baby's Checkup set 60

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It was previously thought that a baby should not be attended for at least 40 days. However, this tradition is not in Lithuania, but in other countries. Ethnologist, Doctor of Humanities Rasa Paukštytė-Šaknienė, that in ancient times Lithuanians went to the favors very early, even in the very first days after giving birth. Attending a baby is called: favors, shows, deceptions. It is necessary to bring gifts to the parlor, the most popular gift is food. In this way, a lustful and rich life is wished. Favorite gift fashions change over time, from clothes, toys to modern trends - to show ingenuity and give something that would surprise the mother and baby. Marmaluzi has prepared a great choice and solution for a gift for favors - a set of Marmaluzi products for the baby himself. This gift will be used by the mother when the baby is 4-6 months old. will start tasting not only breast milk but also other food. Such a simple acquaintance with the culture of healthy, balanced food will open opportunities for the baby to get to know the taste of Lithuanian food and gradually develop food and eating traditions with the help of his mother.

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