Marmaluzi - the first and only food for babies and toddlers made in Lithuania. Made with love and care, makes the infant fall in love with it instantly.

Products of Marmaluzi are made for a modern family, who is active, enjoys traveling, moreover values healthy lifestyle, celebrates innovations and infiltrates it into their day-to-day lives.

Only nutritious products are used in our production, like beef ham, chicken or turkey breast meat. Every single product is preservative-free, without any additives – natural, just like made in mom’s kitchen.

Our team at Marmaluzi believes that quality food and appropriate diet is a ticket to a happy childhood.

Marmaluzi line of products is not only food for babies and toddlers, but it is also a window to the tastes of our homeland, eating traditions and most importantly – the creation of positive values and their nurture.

In the process of creating the product, we put uppermost importance in quality, safeness, delicacy and naturalness. Apart from creating the baby food, in order to take the stress of responsibility off the mothers’ shoulders, following the long search, discussions with professional doctors, specialists, mothers and even their children, we came out with the Marmaluzi recommended week food ration specially adapted for babies and toddlers.

Dedication to quality and commitment to our customers wishes guarantees our product’s reliability and incredible taste to the last drop.

Every product apart from being made professionally and attentively towards babies and toddlers nutrition requirements – standard, balance, naturalness, but also having in mind the taste and joyfulness factor. Wishing, every child a great food experience, discoveries of new tastes and raising future expectations.

In order to make Marmaluzi products faster, simpler and more efficiently reachable we opened Marmaluzi E-SHOP for modern, vigorous mothers and picky growing gourmets. In our e-shop you can find a full variety of products, week ration menu – from one day to whole week set, new products and other packages.

Every newly developed product and other offers are available at the Marmaluzi E-SHOP.

Use the opportunity of simplified buying and provided offers of Marmaluzi!


Uniqueness of the Marmaluzi products:

Made in Lithuania

It is the first and only baby and toddler food made in Lithuania. Every component is precisely and responsibly selected.

Child friendly

Products contain no preservatives, flavor enhancers or other additives. 100 % natural. Production method ensures rich consistency, balance and is made considering infants’ age.


Based on ingredients and proportions, product excels in richness and high energy value. No nutrient value is lost during production. The recommended amount of calories, valuable ingredients and other nutritious elements stays in the product.


We use natural, fresh seasonal ingredients. A big part of components are delivered from organic local farms, and other ingredients are from reliable companies abroad.


Just like moms’ made! Food has proper consistency, is mouth-watering and has a pleasant smell. Appealing not only for children but for parents as well. All of this is ensured by usage of natural ingredients,


The food meets the nutritional requirements of infants (LT Hygiene standard HN 107: 2013 Foods for special nutritional purposes) and is intended for consumption as a supplementary food. All recipes have been created in collaboration with the most famous Lithuanian nutritionists for infants and young children - gastroenterologists.