Marmaluzi's product range is complemented by mother's handicrafts - baby products. Gentle, full of warmth , love, devotion. Every gauze, scarf, sock or hat radiates goodness and coziness. We want to promote the spread of Lithuanian mothers' handicrafts, so every time we offer new products for babies.


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Gauze Simo baby

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Simo baby gauze.

Our moms and grandmothers developed babies into diapers, washed them by hand, had no grandmothers or washing machines, and that was normal and normal. With the advent of reusable diapers, napkins, palms, everything seemed so simple and easy that we all rushed to use it without even thinking about the damage to our planet. However, for some time now, people have been turning more and more to ecology, giving up many disposable items and living on the principle of zero waste. Disposable equipment harms our planet, but we all know how disposable equipment makes everyday life easier! And there will be no single opinion on which is better - to use reusable devices or disposable ones. We each choose the most suitable option for ourselves.

Reusable diapers and gauze are easy to wash and iron, they do not require special care. Diapers and gauze are recommended to be washed with neutral, odorless, children's detergents.

Gauze size: 35 x 45 cm.

Gauze - 100% cotton fabric. Gauze is needed everywhere: in the hospital, at home, on the road, outdoors or in guests. Wipe the nose or mouth.

Gauze children need whether they have a few days or a few weeks, and this is the first time away from home.

Simo baby sewn gauze is hemmed by bending the edge, which ensures their much longer use.

All fabrics comply with OEKO TEX Standard 100 certification.

Composition: 100% cotton

Simo baby scarf made of muslin

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Simo baby scarf made of muslin.

This scarf has two layers. Made of cotton muslin, it is one of the softest and softest fabrics. The muslin becomes softer and softer with each wash. Delicate cotton allows the skin to breathe, comfort and flawless air circulation. Perfectly absorbs moisture. It will not only be a beautiful accessory, but also a great protection from the wind. Suitable for gifts.

If your baby has started salivating profusely, his teeth are probably sprouting or will start sprouting soon. Sometimes the first teeth erode very early - three months, and sometimes appear late - even twelve months, but most often the first white pearl teeth germinate in four- to seven-month-old babies. A month or even two before the first teeth appear, the baby may start salivating heavily. If the smaller baby is salivating profusely and there are no other disturbing symptoms, there is no need to worry. The baby develops fully, so his salivary glands also improve.

They start to "work" especially intensively, and are also "encouraged" by putting fingers in their mouths, frequent breastfeeding, and the use of a pacifier. Saliva contains enzymes and other bactericidal substances, so they are also a disinfectant. At this time, it is useful to have more than one scarf. Perfect for use during tooth germination. The scarf has an adjustable clasp that allows you to shorten or lengthen the length, so it can be used for both baby and older child. In colder weather, it can also replace a scarf or sleeve, providing excellent protection for the neck from wind or cold.

Easy to close with two presses with adjustable size;

two layers of double muslin; composition:

100% cotton;

various colors;

season: autumn, summer, spring;

easy to maintain as it can be ironed and machine washed;

not bleached; do not tumble dry.

The color of the goods may differ slightly from the goods depicted in the e-shop due to the information technology used. The fabrics used in the production are certified.

All materials are certified by OEko-Tex Standart 100 The scarves are made in Lithuania, paying attention to the smallest details, with great love and care.

There are a variety of colors when ordering comments to write or call.

Bunny Simo baby

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A cute cotton fabric bunny will be a great friend for your baby, a cute gift for favors.

The bunny has no extra parts that can break, so it is completely safe for the little ones. And if the bunny has a ribbon or other accessory attached, we recommend removing it before giving it to the baby.

Bunny height 15 cm

Alpaca wool socks for baby - White

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Price €15.00

White baby socks made of 100% alpaca wool. Handmade, knitted with love and devotion;)

Each sock is different in its pattern, a shade of white, because wool is in its' natural color, with its own shades, as lovingly given by our alpacas.

Socks are prepared for baby's layette, gentle for baby's skin, warm, soft. Do not "bite" the skin, can be worn on a bare leg.

Sock size: 9-11cm

If necessary, can be knitted in the right size.

The owners of the wool are mother Jonė and her daughter Spirga. Both are white and very curious.

Alpaca wool socks for baby - Multicolour

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Multicolour baby socks made of 100% alpaca wool. Handmade, knitted with love and devotion;)

Each sock is different in its pattern, shade of color, because wool is in its' natural color, has its own shades, as lovingly given by our alpacas.

The socks are ready for baby's layette, do not cause allergies, are warm, soft and do not "bite" the skin, can be worn on a bare leg.

Sock size: 9-11cm

If necessary, can be knitted in the right size.

Owners of dark wool: Karmensita and Sileta.

The owners of white wool are mother Jonė and daughter Spirga.


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It’s a small pin, but a big statement. Let everyone know that you are supporting Ukraine and that it is not alone in this fight.

We want to use our platform to support the Ukrainians who are fighting bravely for their freedom, and so are we.

"Make heads turn" developers donate all profits to Blue & Yellow

Learn more about Blue & Yellow and donate directly to:

TinyMark Bamboo pacifier 2 pcs

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Marmaluzi stands for a happy child, happy mother and sustainability :) We present our partners' exclusive pacifiers for babies from 6 to 36 months, which are made of bamboo and natural rubber in Sweden.

The TinyMark brand is very well-known and awarded for its achievements in developing sustainable products for babies and young children.

This is the world's first bamboo pacifier - 2021 the best new sustainable development award laureate in Scandinavia.

They are marked with a V mark, a certified vegan product.

Sustainable and ecological.

Pack contains 2 pcs.

Marmaluzi RECIPE book for...
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Marmaluzi RECIPE book for the whole family

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November 19 The presentation of #Marmaluzi and the recipe book of Viktoria, the author of the blog Gaminame y ezamiza, took place at the Marmaluzi children's food studio.

We are happy to have such a well-groomed, long-matured project result.

In the recipe book for the whole family, you will find recipes that we pampered you with during the whole semester by inviting guests. And the much-awaited waffle recipe is also here...

We can already see that this can be a great Christmas gift for your friend, mother, sister or even mother-in-law.

The uniqueness of the recipes in this book is that they are made with a few spoonfuls left over from baby and small children's food, which will be reborn with a new taste and are suitable for the whole family :)