Birch sap Sip Sap

Birch sap Sip Sap

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Organic birch tree water....
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Organic birch tree water. With mint. SIP SAP, Lamican 250 ml x 12 vnt

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Refreshing minty flavor. Mojito at home. Organic birch tree water tapped directly from birch trees in certified (organic) forest. Birch tree water contains natural antioxidants, vitamins and minerals: potassium 63 mg/l, calcium 24 mg/l, magnesium 11,4 mg/l, manganese 2,42 mg/l, sodium 0,64 mg/l, iron 0,59 mg/l, zinc 0,41 mg/l, vitamin C 0,18 mg/100 ml. More info: