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Baby's Checkup set

Baby's Checkup set

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TinyMark Bamboo pacifier 2 pcs
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TinyMark Bamboo pacifier 2 pcs

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Marmaluzi stands for a happy child, happy mother and sustainability :) We present our partners' exclusive pacifiers for babies from 6 to 36 months, which are made of bamboo and natural rubber in Sweden.

The TinyMark brand is very well-known and awarded for its achievements in developing sustainable products for babies and young children.

This is the world's first bamboo pacifier - 2021 the best new sustainable development award laureate in Scandinavia.

They are marked with a V mark, a certified vegan product.

Sustainable and ecological.

Pack contains 2 pcs.

Marmaluzi RECIPE book for the whole family

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Price €12.99

November 19 The presentation of #Marmaluzi and the recipe book of Viktoria, the author of the blog Gaminame y ezamiza, took place at the Marmaluzi children's food studio.

We are happy to have such a well-groomed, long-matured project result.

In the recipe book for the whole family, you will find recipes that we pampered you with during the whole semester by inviting guests. And the much-awaited waffle recipe is also here...

We can already see that this can be a great Christmas gift for your friend, mother, sister or even mother-in-law.

The uniqueness of the recipes in this book is that they are made with a few spoonfuls left over from baby and small children's food, which will be reborn with a new taste and are suitable for the whole family :)

For children of Ukraine. Set of 16 pouch fruit purees

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Price €6.49

The war in Ukraine continues and a helping hand has been extended from Lithuania since the beginning of the war, from people of good will, companies, which, having clashed shoulders, have helped in all kinds of ways the people, families, and soldiers of Ukraine who remained there.

The campaign organized by MARMALUZI at the beginning of this year pleasantly surprised people with their generosity and enthusiasm.

As the holidays of the year are approaching, the weather is getting colder and the war is not over, we have decided to invite all our customers to contribute to yet another promotion for the children of UKRAINE.

We have completed 16-piece pouch fruit puree sets that you, our customers, can buy, and we will take these sets to Ukraine in mid-January 2023 for support, where the Ukrainian Red Cross will distribute the produce to families and the smallest.

We can live without electricity, without gas, but can children live without FOOD? Understanding this, we cooperate and invite you to make and send those sets together.

The price of the kit consists only of the raw material cost of the product, and our labor and people.

The price of the set is only 6.49 euros.

The composition of the set: various purre form prune, apple, pear, raspeberry. 

All you have to do is buy this kit and we'll arrange for it to be shipped directly to UKRAINE.

When purchasing only these kits, select local delivery to avoid shipping charges.